Adventure Is Out There is headed back to Walt Disney World November 10-16, 2019 for our next family experience! We are taking up to 3 first-time adoption families on an all expenses paid trip.


The generous donations of others allow us to serve these families. We are a grassroots organization with passionate staff who donate their time to serve these amazing families. More than 96% of all funds raised to date have been directly spent on the families themselves.

Our Mission

Adventure Is Out There (AIOT) is an experiential program of the Bray Foundation, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to advance the education and training of new adoption families while focusing on increasing the welfare of family relationships through Disney and other nurturing experiences that encourage family bonding.

What is AIOT?

Simply put, we are an experiential program for first-time adoption families. We advance education and training by awarding experiences to encourage family bonding.

Adventure Is Out There experiences are designed to help first-time adoption families build closer relationships both together and with other adoptive families. They benefit parents who are receiving resources through the adoption process and provides an opportunity to use that knowledge in an enriching environment that builds on what they’ve learned. We also award these experiences to say “Thank You” to the wonderful parents who are providing children forever homes who otherwise would have uncertain futures.

AIOT’s family trips are a fantastic opportunity to get the family out of their everyday normal, to allow the children to regain some of their childhood while also providing opportunities for the new families to create some of their very first memories together. These trips also serve to connect first-time adoption families so that the parents and kids can connect with others who are on a similar journey.

Finally, we understand the financial responsibility that these families face. The funds required to foster, then adopt and as is often the case provide medical/therapeutic resources can quickly add up. So AIOT will provide these experiences all-inclusive to make this incredible adventure a reality.

Why is AIOT needed?

Signing the adoption decree, while a blessing, is the beginning of emotional challenges to overcome and the unlearning of survival skills that may have been developed because of the past. It’s not uncommon for trauma to play a major role in the world of foster and adoption. The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Assume that all children who have been adopted or fostered have experienced trauma.” The trauma these kids lived with growing up came in many forms such as neglect, abuse, drugs, among others. Understanding this, families who foster and adopt not only invest their time and resources, they open their hearts and homes to help these children overcome this trauma and their everyday challenges.

At AIOT, having the privilege of getting to know these amazing families and connecting them with others on similar journeys is why we donate our time being a chapter in their lives. It is our mission to grant all deserving families with these adventures while also creating a support system for them to lean on each other.

How are we funded?

It is because of the generous donations of others we operate to serve these families. We are a grassroots organization with passionate staff willing to donate their time along with minimal operating costs. We are proud to share that more than 96% of all funds raised to date have been spent on the families themselves.

If your organization is interested in donating airfare miles or hotel accommodations, please reach out to

We appreciate your consideration and welcome you to the Adventure Is Out There family.

Adventure Is Out There is a non-profit 501(c)(3) national organization and your contribution does qualify as a tax deduction. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of any contribution.


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Upcoming Trips

NOVEMBER 10-16, 2019


This November, your friends at AIOT will be taking 3 very deserving families to Disney World for our next family experience. It’ll be filled with memorable moments, family bonding, educational opportunities, and a chance to experience that dream Disney family vacation your new family has always wanted. This experience includes up to 4 round-trip airfare tickets + up to 4 daily park tickets + 6-night stay for up to 4 people at a Disney World property hotel + gift card for each family that may be used towards food, beverages, souvenirs, etc.  Additional products and services outside of the above parameters will be at the family’s expense.

The trip will take place November 10-16, 2019. All families will fly into Orlando, FL (MCO airport) on Sunday, November 10th where you will then travel via Disney Magical Express to our hotel. During the week, 4 of the 5 days will be spent visiting one of the four parks each day. The remaining day will be free time for the families to enjoy the hotel amenities, the hotel pool, Disney Springs or just take a relaxing day off. Flights out of MCO will occur on Saturday, November 16th. Final trip details will be provided as the dates get closer, however, please make sure your work schedules and your child(s) school allow for this time off without interference.

Families must meet specific criteria to qualify. Please refer to the NOMINATE YOUR FAMILY section below for more details.

We look forward to having your family join us on this adventure!

If this trip doesn’t meet your families needs, please check back later for future experience offerings. Future adventures will be geared towards various age groups up to 17 years old.


Nominate Your Family

AIOT’s goal is to bring bonding, education, and everlasting memories to new adoption families. If you have adopted a child between the ages of 5-12, spent 1+ years together (can include foster years), and think that your family could benefit from this experience, please review and fill out the nomination form at the download link below

.Open enrollment for this trip will end September 15, 2019, so be sure to get your nomination forms in by then.

Adventure awaits!


The Bennett Family

2018 Trip Family

“AIOT granted us a dream & experience our family would have never otherwise been able to do on our own! The bonds & friendships formed on this trip are so valuable & will last a lifetime! Thanks, AIOT for such a magical experience!”


The Miller Family

2018 Trip Family

“Words can not express how grateful we are for this once in a lifetime opportunity. AIOT is an absolutely amazing organization that did a fantastic job handling everything from A-Z, always putting the needs of the families first. This experience not only helped our family bond but we also built lifetime friendships with other families on the trip. Thank you, AIOT! We love you!”


AIOT Family

2018 Trip Family

“We were able to experience the magic of Disney World not only because of the generosity of AIOT and it’s loving supporters, but also the due to the support of the other adoptive families and AIOT staff, we were able to meet our children’s individual needs, while ensuring each child had an amazing real childlike experience.”


The Blalock Family

2019 Trip Family

“On Thanksgiving we let the kids know that we had been granted a trip to Disney World… and in January we experienced a magical week with AIOT and two other amazing adoptive families. We were supported and encouraged. The kids truly bonded. They had so much fun together and spent more time directly interacting than they ever have before. It was absolutely wonderful. So we’re back to the daily grind, but with a ton of joint memories in our back pockets. We truly FEEL like a family! Thank you AIOT!!”


The Lutheran Family

2019 Trip Family

“This trip was an incredible experience for our family and we are so grateful to AIOT for including us. Beyond all of the fun we had experiencing the magic of Disney, we bonded in new ways as a family, we saw our kids branch out and embrace new opportunities and best of all we gained a new network of friends that know how much support adoptive families need and how special our kids are.”


The Poppell Family

2019 Trip Family

“AIOT means so much to our family, they provided us with an unbelievable Disney experience, we were able to make unforgettable memories and help strengthen the bond between all of us, we saw sides of our children that we had never seen before. The magic of Disney with AIOT is something we will never forget.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What urged you to start Adventure Is Out There?

We at AIOT are all about family. Families who have adopted children into their forever homes have not only taken on the responsibilities of having a child but quite possibly a child that may have additional challenges. These amazing families have not only invested their time and resources but also have opened their hearts and homes to help their children have a life once not thought possible. AIOT was started not only to thank the families by awarding adventures to promote inner bonding within the family itself but to also act as a resource where adoption families can connect with each other and increase their family’s welfare.

Why is supporting adoptive families important?

Families who adopt are incredibly important because they provide a future to kids who otherwise may not have one. They provide for their kids a forever home knowing the trauma and hardships that may have come from their child’s past. Understanding this, families who foster and adopt not only invest their time and resources, they open their hearts and homes to help these children overcome this trauma and their everyday challenges. We see it as why wouldn’t we spend the time to help these families out? We’re so grateful and proud to be a chapter in their lives and we continue to learn of new ways we can help contribute to their wellbeing.

What do you hope families get out of an AIOT experience?

Our hope is, the families have all grown closer together within their immediate family, as well as, bonded with the other families by the end of the trip. Ultimately, creating personal relationship resources and impactful connections. As a whole, we want all families to walk away from these adventures feeling as if they’ve made new friends and their extended families have grown that much bigger.

Does Adventure Is Out There cater to all ages?

Our experiences cater to families with adopted children of various age groups and are specific to each trip. For example, our inaugural trip was for families with adopted children between 5-12 years old. Future trips are geared toward teens in the 13-17 age range. We encourage you to check back often to see what’s available.

Is Adventure Is Out There a global charity?

We serve first-time adoption families living in the United States. Unfortunately, due to our resources, international families are not possible for us at this time.

How can I nominate a family?

Families can only be nominated by the parent/s of the adopted children. The parents will understand best if the trip being offered will truly benefit their family and meet their individual needs.

I love what you are doing! How can I get involved and support Adventure Is Out There?

We need the adoption community to help with exposure more than anything right now. We need adoption agencies, social workers, guardians, adoption and foster families to all help get the word out. We’d love for ALL first-time adoption families be aware of AIOT so they can nominate themselves if the adventures we offer benefit their family. In addition to awareness, as with any public nonprofit, donations are the lifeblood of operating so we can offer these trips to the families. In the first year, 96% of every dollar donated went directly to the families. We ask on behalf of our past and future families, if you or anyone you know is in a position to give please do. The more donations we receive the more family adventures we can offer and the entire AIOT extended family would be extremely grateful.

Please consider making a contribution by clicking here.


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Launched in 2017 for first-time adoption families, Adventure Is Out There is an experiential program of the Bray Foundation, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to advance the education and training of new adoption families while focusing on increasing the welfare of family relationships through Disney and other nurturing experiences that encourage family bonding.

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